Live Reckless



I was invited by the Syrian-American Medical Society (SAMS) to work/volunteer in Bab-al-Hawa Hospital in Idlib Province of Syria.  SAMS drove me from Reynhali Turkey to Syrian border-and while 3 al-Qaeda soldiers watched me, I climbed through a 4-foot high barbwire fence & was picked up in an ambulance.  I asked, “Why the ambulance?”  The driver, Abu-Faruq, said, “We have to go through at least ten al-Qaeda check points –they don’t stop ambulances!”  I worked at the hospital for a week-took care of wounded children, teenagers & adults-in this under-served hospital-in the ICU, the ER and the patient rooms.



God has opened up a door for me to work and serve in Kuridstan.  I am involved with serving and financially supporting both Christian and Yazidi refugees.  Four times a year since 2015, I travel to work in the refugee camps in Kurdistan in Erbil and Dohuk-sharing God's love and financially supporting young girls who were sex slaves of IS*S.  Also helping to rescue girls/young women from IS*S.



REDEEM! just donated $100K of donated surgical supplies to Ahfad Hospital for Women-the premier women's hospital in all of Northern Sudan.  REDEEM! was gifted this container; then raised $5K to ship it to Khartoum as a gift from followers of Jesus Messiah!  Grateful for the help of Sudan Foreign Minister, Ali Ahmed Karti, pictured here with PB.



Along with going to various countries to serve the poor, I help to pastor a church, Infinity Bible Church in THE SOUTH BRONX.  The church meets in a gym in a housing project and is located in the poorest Congressional District in the USA.  This church has me as their representative world-wide and I asked the church to pay me $1 per year.  Why? They are a poor congregation of great need and I wanted to live by faith and ask great folk like you to invest in me.



December 2020 Help to rebuild this church in northern Nigeria which was destroyed 3 years ago by Muslim Jihadists. Every penny you give goes to the rebuild. Please give generously. Thank you!



I travel to Gaza every four months-I am working with a local Arab Gazan-born pastor.  REDEEM! is helping to support a Primary school; training Gazan youth on leadership and also working in several poor neighborhoods with food and financial assistance...I go without fear to help people who are suffering.  Pictured PB sharing God's Love with teachers in local school.